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In 2004, Sobeet Locks launched INHOVA of the Assa Abloy group of companies in India. Assa Abloy is the world's largest conglomerate of lock manufacturers that owns leading brands such as Tesa, Yale, Union etc and is part of the Talleres de Escoriaza SA group.

With the introduction of Electronic Locks INHOVA Intelligent Hotel Access -- in the Indian market,   SOBEET was able to bridge the gap and provide a locking solution that was new-generation, user-friendly and well-accepted in the premium hotel markets around the world  from the discerning European hotel chains in sunny Spain, the French Riviera, the Olympic Village Greece to chains in North America, Australia and emerging global markets as well.  

INHOVA Locks have certain distinct advantages that make them the preferred choice:

  • Modular Structure
  • 1000 Event audit trails
  • Easily interfaced with international Property Management Systems
  • Life-long guarantee on the state-of-the-art PVD coating
  • Available with customized front-plates
  • Flattering handles and finishes to suit all décor

Choose From a Variety of Models:

Donna Standard
Functional and elegant, the economical option for guestroom doors.

Donna Extreme
This outdoor lock with its hardy, all-weather quality is designed to stand up to damp and salty environments as well as sand, dust, heat, cold, rain and even snow…thanks to its special anti-corrosion finish.

Donna Supreme
Special PVD coated handles and trim, with lifetime warranty on finish.
A fantastic option of personalizing every lock with your hotel logo which would enhance the prestige of your establishment.


1. Easy to Install- The locks work on a stand-alone system. Works on batteries!
2. WWW System-   Who, When, Where…opening and closing operations are recorded. Access can be enabled or restricted
     and staff access timetables can be set.
3. Flexible and Easy to Use- Most operational variations/ adjustments can be carried out on-site such as: copying,
    recording, cancellations in case of loss or theft, modification of the locking plan, addition of more doors or users, etc.
4. 100% Safe- Thanks to the system's authorization key, only a single designated staff has control and authorization to
    Initialize or modify the lock ensuring 100% accountability and responsibility.

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