How do I maintain my SOBEET Lock?
Lock handles that are made from brass are best polished with a solution called Dara, available in any hardware store. Oxidized finishes look their best with wear and tear.
Brushed stainless steel handles are zero maintenance.

If a key cannot be duplicated what do I do, if I lose my key?
The safest precaution is to always keep a spare in safe custody with a family member/relative or friend that's a shout away. A key can be copied / duplicated and is best done with the manufacturer provided you give us an original.

What do I do if I am locked out?
Remember a lock is for your protection. If you are locked out because you've forgotten your key chances are that you may have to break your lock unless it can be accessed from a window or otherwise.

In the case of a master-key, what do I do if my bag has been picked or a domestic worker has walked off with a key?
Don't panic. First ensure that you secure yourself for the night. Next get in touch with us. It is possible to replace the cylinder of your lock, without replacing the entire lock.

If in trouble who do I call?
For service please call 022 29201918. Rest assured you will have an authorised service representative visit you and assess your problem as soon as possible. (Service charges applicable.)

In case of small mechanical problems such as a lever getting rigid etc. what can I do?
WD 40 is a great lubricant. Please do not use oil to ease out operation of your lock. Oil accumulates grime and dust and will further hamper the working.

What do I do if my lock gives trouble?
If your lock is more than three years old, chances are that weather conditions and wear and tear could run the mechanical parts down. A lock is a work-horse but also has a life. You could always have your lock serviced by us. However, you may like to consider replacing your lock after three years.

What does SOBEET offer that other brands do not?
In one word CUSTOMIZATION. SOBEET has stood the test of time and weathered industry trends of sub-standard imports and mass-manufacture. Being an Indian manufacturer with quality that matches international standards, SOBEET has a tradition of service unlike many brands that are here today and gone tomorrow.

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