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SOBEET entered the Indian market with this innovative security system – a one-of-its kind invention!

If you have kids or an aged parent or a housemaid 'home alone' then the Chain Lock is your answer to peace of mind. The innovative design with a fixed chain locked firmly into position permits passing of utilities like milk packets, clothes, vegetables etc, through a comfortable gap. This high tensile chain cannot be broken into as it is fixed onto the door at one end and locked into the lever hold on the door frame. To unlock one must necessarily use a key. A second chain works like any other conventional slide chain.

1. Can be fitted on any household door.
2. Two chains, one fixed to be opened only with a key, the other a slide chain.
3. Facilitates the daily rhythm of a household but protects from an intruder.
4. SOBEET Locks come with three keys. Keys are difficult to replace but can be duplicated      when an original is provided. This is best done by the manufacturer.

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